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In my case, my birth city isn’t listed on my passport so I put my birth state and that was accepted by the official, 40. These pages are for people with special circumstances or people who have lived in Italy before. Grazie Alexa The address of this place (the street name only), 81. Please assure in your pay that the fee is paid in the postale. Thanks. This asks which module you completed, so “01” if you are only completing the first module, 25. The cards are sent to the local police station (commissariato di polizia) in your neighbourhood of residence. سوجورنو کو رینو کرنے کے لئے کٹ کس طرح فل کرنی ہے Permesso di soggiorno ko renew karnay kay liey kit fill karnay ha tariqa The building number and letter (if applicable), 82. You can also contact the local ACLI in your city and they can answer more specific questions for you if they come up. I definitely know how you feel! Il tutto deve essere consegnato allo “Sportello Amico” degli uffici postali per la spedizione alla Questuracompetente, che rilascerà una ricevuta di avvenut… Check this box to indicate that your passport is the identity document you will be using, 45. The second is a receipt of your bolletino. Sorry I’m a bit lost and appreciate any help. Thank you! Kit Ambiental Contenedor 60 Lts. Can it be rescheduled? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Alyce. I wish it were easier to find on Google. Of course you’ll also need to purchase a marca da bollo. I noticed you said in a previous reply that only pages 1-3 are required unless you have special circumstances, is this true for ‘Modulo 2’ also? Yes, so ACLI is a Christian organization but that just describes their roots as an association. Per informazioni sul permesso di soggiorno: If you haven’t gotten your permesso di soggiorno kit yet, make sure you read my article on How to Get Your Permesso Di Soggiorno. Thank you so much. The Questura said that during this time I can’t leave Italy, or I can leave but may not be allowed back in. Congratulations on tackling you permisso di soggiorno and good luck at the questura! Hi, I’ve had 2 Permessos so far. Are you located in Bologna by chance? I am returning to the U.S. 30 May to apply for a visa for elective residency (I’m retired). This seems to go against everything I’ve read. Kits are available for free. Alexa, SO cool of you to have done this helpful guide! Instead of checking the box that says “rilascio,” you’ll check the box that says “rinnovo.” How early you start the renewal process depends on how long your permesso is valid for. I would send an email to your local ACLI to verify. Sorry for the late reply, I was without my computer for almost 2 months so I hope you got it figured out! I have no words to thank you enough for publishing this. I’m also leaving the country and planning to come back when asked for next step, what happens if I can not make it to that appointment? Alexa, do you know the procedure of forms to fill out for permesso di soggiorno luongo? Well now I know that the $30 are paid in euros and the $130.46 is paid in euro in the postale. I’m not sure how much the fee is, but the post office should be able to tell you. Once these forms have been filled-out, the visa holder takes the kit, along with copies of all their documents (all the documents you had to submit to the consulate to obtain your visa) and goes to the post office to pay the required fees. Your birthdate (notice they ask for the day first followed by the month, which is the opposite as in America), These codes are listed on a page included in your, 37. Lastly, you have to pay €30 for an ASSICURATA which is another payment to the Italian government. Once you have completed your Questura appointment, you will be told when you can pick-up your actual Permesso di Soggiorno card. The requirements are onerous but I think that I fulfill them and will be coming here to live in September of this year. The two letters the represent your province (again), 8. Therefore go early, be prepared to wait, and bring cash or a debit car to pay as the Poste Italiane does not accept foreign checks or credit cards. The competent immigration office of Questura is located within the territory of the province where the applicant (or their employer) resides. Thank you so much! Anyway, got it filled out with your help! Hi. Ti sarà comunicata la data in cui dovrai recarti in questura per l’appuntamento ed istruire la pratica consegnando gli originali. I’ve never found anything like this in the year I’ve been digging into all the work needed to move to Italy. Good morning….Great information, however, I have a question. The Shapes of Time’ Exhibition, OLTRE TUTTO: Rome’s New Year’s Eve 2021 streaming event, Christmas at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. Hi! Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure what the proper protocol is in this situation. Will I be given that same day the permiso o carta de di soggiorno? Pincio, Casa del Cinema, Galleria... Click the lock icon to choose another destination, Copyright ©2020. You know, I’m not familiar with the elective residency permesso di soggiorno process but I’m fairly certain that nothing after item 75 should apply to you. Here is how you can get your very own Permesso di Soggiorno (Italian permit for stays longer than 3 months): Within 8 days of moving to Italy, you have to apply for your permesso. The Marca da bollo is a sticker and costs €16. Have no fear, my permesso di soggiorno guide is here! Thus the post office is always a busy, busy, BUSY place. Risparmiare tempo e non avere paura di sbagliare. The first step requires you to fill-out and submit the Kit Permesso di Soggiorno. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). 9 del TUI “Testo Unico Immigrazione”). Below, I have included a step-by-step guide on how to fill out your permesso di soggiorno kit. Per richiedere il rilascio o il rinnovo del permesso di soggiorno, dal 11 dicembre 2006, in Italia vige un nuovo metodo. Se infatti lo stesso è per un periodo di al massimo un anno, si paga ottanta euro. What is required and could you apply for renewal 5 months prior to current Permesso expiring? Thank you for having this done, it made my form filling so much more easier and fast. La tassa sul permesso di soggiorno è stata introdotta al ministro Tremonti e prevedeva un aumento dagli ottanta ai duecento euro. They can help you with specific things! Espero les sea de utilidad este manual de cómo cargar el kit para el permesso di soggiorno en espera de la ciudadanía y todo lo aquí detallado. Now I just threw away $130.46 in bolo because the tabacho were I purchased won’t take it back. The Permesso di Soggiorno is your foreigner registration card and literally translates to “Permit to Stay”. thank you goodness you’ve put together this piece. Documenti. You can call them or send them an email. I literally can’t find any information! As when I got the form I was soo stressed , how I will manage , but once I found your blog it was soo easy and fast . Usually, you have to wait 1-3 months. They usually respond very quickly! You will need all three when you go to the questura. i permessi di soggiorno di lungo periodo CE, per familiari di cittadini comunitari; i titolari di protezione internazionale che richiedono il permesso di soggiorno UE di lungo periodo. Thank you. Most people don’t have to fill out Module 2. You mentioned ACLI in the first response. The first step requires you to fill-out and submit the Kit Permesso di Soggiorno. Instead of checking the box that says “rilascio,” you’ll check the box that says “rinnovo.” How early you start the renewal process depends on how long your permesso is valid for. I searched to find it and it seems like it’s a Christian Workers page. Link. I have a contract for a nice apartment in he center and will lose a bunch of money if the visa is not issued so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Hi Alexa! Thank you Alexa, the article is very helpful. 27 comma 1 lettera a, 27 quinquies comma 1 lettera a e b e 27 sexies comma 2 del D.Lvo 25/07/1998 n. 286e … The post office, oddly enough, is where a lot of submission of government documents takes place, in addition to the traditional mailing of letters and packages, as well as paying for a swath of bills (including state or municipal issued fines) and receiving government-issued financial sums (like your pension). If you don’t follow these directions, you will be asked to fill out a while new packet and you don’t really want to go through this again, do you? WOW! Did I do wrong? Now it’s time to do battle. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I would honestly just go another day and see if you can get a different person. The date when your visa ends (again, write the day first and then the month), 66. I have birth certificate of Famiglia, estrato per rías su to del registro degli art di matrimonio, my daughters passport, copy of her permiso de soggier o, cRta de identidad, her husband who is italian Carta de identidad, approval from comune Calenzano cerificato de alógico per riconfigiumento familiare, responsable dell área edilicia, and comunicaciones di cessione di fabrica to which I’m including. So by now I’m sure you have realized the permesso di soggiorno kit is written in Italian. Hi Jackie. Your email address will not be published. Nuovi importi del permesso di soggiorno. BINGO! Once you have filled out all this paperwork and paid the required fees, you will be given several documents back. Rilascio permesso di soggiorno per coesione familiare tramite kit postale. It’s always full of foreigners when I go, and many of them not Christian. Luckily, you do not need to fill out pages 4-8. Le domande di rilascio e rinnovo di permesso di soggiorno possono essere presentate anche presso gli Uffici Postali abilitati se rientrano nelle seguenti tipologie, utilizzando l’apposito kit a banda gialla disponibile presso tutti gli uffici postali, i Patronati e i Comuni abilitati. I ask because there is an association called ACLI that helps foreigners with Italian bureaucracy. Sorry for the mess but I was t the postage for the 3rd time today and waiting on line hopefully I will get a response before called. I think it would be best if you contacted your local ACLI organization and they can help walk you through the process and answer any questions you have. 1.) Required fields are marked *. Thanksi!!!!! Thanks! Step 4: Italian Study Visa Paperwork Guide, Traveling With a Permesso di Soggiorno Receipt, Popping the Personal Bubble: Cultural Differences in Personal Space, How to Pack For a Year-Long Trip to Italy, How to Get a Codice Fiscale and Why You Might Need One,, At the top where it says “Al Signor Questore di” write the name of your city, Where it says “(Sigle Provincia)” write the two letters that represent your province, In your kit there is a list of the abbreviations, 4. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Alexa, this page is a blessing to me. Dear Alexa , (Dumb bunny, me.) This asks for the total number of pieces paper you are including in your, This includes all of the documents you are including in the envelope when you turn it in (photocopies of your passport, health insurance documents, language school document, etc.) Disclaimer: This post does not constitute legal advice. Bring that to the post office. Villa Borghese. As far as what you need to bring, it depends on the type of permesso you have. This is an essential information tool that allows foreigners of every age and background to live Rome to the fullest and discover the top things to see and to do in Rome. You’ll have to wait longer, but hopefully you’ll only have to go once! € 100,00 per i permessi di lungo periodo ( ex carta di soggiorno ) e per i dirigenti e i lavoratori specializzati richiedenti il permesso di soggiorno ai sensi degli artt. I can certainly do some research though! This is tremendous! Appreciate your help . thanks again! The Permesso di Soggiorno application form is called “Kit per la richiesta di Permesso di Soggiorno”. If you have a work visa then you’ll probably need to fill it out, but if not then only Module 1 should apply to you. You have done great good in this world!! If you don’t feel … Your apartment/house number and letter (if you have one), 70.The numbers/letters associated with the stairs (if applicable), You can leave this blank if there is only one staircase, 71. Dopo avere ritirato il kit, il cittadino straniero deve compilare, con l’aiuto delle istruzioni,i fogli che accompagnano i due moduli che troviamo nello stesso kit. My advice here is to be in the post-office early to beat the crowd. This is because you have to convert your visa (which grants you access into the country) to a permit of stay (which allows you to actually stay in the country). I need to renew my permesso in July but as I’m stuck in Australia due to COVID-19, have no idea how to do this, would you know? First I will give directions on how to fill out the main packet. All rights reserved to Romeing srl. Hi Alexa thanks your post is super helpful on permesso di soggiorno I don’t believe you’ll need to do anything differently. This is very helpful. Nei casi di rinnovo del permesso di soggiorno, va allegata al permesso scaduto e sostituisce l'attuale cedolino. Hi Ginger! (see samples for newcomers and oldtimers– but note that starting 2017, DO NOT PUT YOUR MIDDLE NAME ANYMORE IN ANY ITALIAN DOCUMENT, just your complete first name and last name. Maybe I didn’t find the right one. I’m not sure, I’m sorry. Dove posso trovare il kit del permesso di soggiorno? To get a permesso di soggiorno kit, as it is called, go to the nearest Poste Italiane with a Sportello Amico counter. I left the Questura with my bollettino and assicurata. Percy. Productos Especiales; Protección Contra Fuego . If this is your first time applying, only pages 1-3 should apply to you. Quick question: Do I have to fill out anything after Item 75? Hi Rebecca! You have to follow a lengthy process to apply for the card and usually it takes 3 to 6 months to get. Then, at the post office, the postal worker will review your packet, along with your passport, and all your information will be sent to the Questura (immigration office). The appointment is … The two letters that represent your city (again), 69. Is it the same kit? No I’m not – I’m in Sicily If it’s for studying, you should bring your school documents. I spent so many hours, well…days… trying to find this information and I hadn’t really come across anything super comprehensive so I decided to make my own! Grazie mille! The kit is actually a packet with two forms inside (each are 5-10 page packet forms) that require the visa holder to indicate all their personal information and reasons for staying in Italy. Se il rinnovo riguarda i minori di 14 anni, all’interno del kit deve essere inserito un ulteriore bollettino di 30,46 € per la stampa del tesserino elettronico al minore. By subscribing you agree with our privacy policy. Hi Khan! Treefolk’s Public House: Whisky, Cask Bar & gourmet restaurant, Tiziano Terrace Cocktail Bar at Monti Palace Hotel, Mirabelle: a gourmet terrace suspended over the Eternal City, Wine Tasting with 6 Italian fine wines, cured meats & cheeses, Bike Tour of Ancient Appian Way, Catacombs & Aqueducts Park, Pasta-Making Class footsteps from Trevi Fountain, Learn To Make Gelato in an Authentic Roman Gelateria, Vespa Tour of Rome: Enjoy the Eternal City on a Vintage Vespa, Colosseum Walking Tour with Roman Forum & Palatine Hill Skip the Line, Exclusive Early Entrance to Sistine Chapel & Vatican Museums with Audio Guide, Rome in One Day: Vatican & Colosseum with Real Skip the Line, 100 Presepi at the Vatican: Rome’s holiday season must-see, Sultan bin Fahad’s “Frequency” exhibition at Rhinoceros Gallery, Rome’s 2020 Art Quadriennale at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, ‘Manolo Valdés. I’m so glad I could help you! If you are filling this kit out for yourself and this is your first permesso di soggiorno then you only need to fill out Module 1. Now can someone clear for me next steps. Omg what a life saver. I know your pain! The materials on this website have been prepared by Expat Alexa and are intended to communicate general information only. The first to 4 months from start to finish, the second took 7 months. He also told me to go through the process again after 12 months for renewal. Nd which one am I getting as a reunificación gmfamiliar? Il permesso di soggiorno illimitato per extracomunitari, conosciuto anche come permesso di soggiorno per soggiornanti di lungo periodo (S.L.P.) As each region has its own interpretation of the law and rules, is what you’ve written correct? Many thanks, Hello, please contact us via email thanks, Your email address will not be published. I wonder why you haven’t carried on with section so 85 onwards ? I’ve used this method numerous times and it usually works haha! After all is done, the Police told me for 1st year PDS application, there will not be any physical card issuance. Good luck! I am applying to renew my Permesso for my elective residency visa. Lucca is one of my favorite Italian towns! This payment is made on a long rectangular piece of paper, called a bolletino. The only thing is what documents should I include with the kit as a first timer besides passport and visa page? The purpose of the questura appointment is for Italian officials to double-check all your information in their database and fingerprint your hands. I should receive a letter stating the appointment to go get fingerprints and take my passport photos correct? a) Using black ink, fill up the module with 8 pp. I will also do more research. I marked permesso in my kit not carta I just noticed. I have permisso di saggorno of sussidaria how to fill up kit for carta di sagorno ,how mush fee shall i pay for it …..kindly inform me immediately….. This can be left blank unless the building has another number/letter associated with its address. can we ask if we can go to Questurra and pass our documents? Romeing is a magazine for tourists and expats visiting or living in Rome, including classifieds, an event calendar and feature articles written by locals with secret insight for your vacation or for those considering moving to live in Italy. The “run around town” method is usually foolproof! Thank you for posting this and the other work you’ve done around the visa and other things required for living in Italy. how to fill kit - Permesso di soggiorno But back to the permesso. The final is an appointment for when you need to go to the Questura and be finger-printed. P.Iva 11115241009. However, the process is relatively painless provided that your documents are all in order. I wasn’t clear, Your email address will not be published. The date when your visa begins (again, write the day first and then the month), 57. It was very stressful for me the first time as well. Thank god I found this page what a blessing, For not understanding when I visited the psi take the first time they told me to go get bollo for $16 and the $30 and the 2 year plus was $130.46. Thank you! A free, pocket-sized guide to the best locations, with a daily listing of the latest and most diverse cultural and lifestyle events in and around Rome. Adesso inviaci i dati ed al resto pensiamo noi … +info da qui. If it’s valid for a year, the recommended renewal time is 60 days before. Check this box if your visa allows for multiple entries, This is listed on your visa (“M” for multiple entries), 56. Select “rilascio” if this is your first, These numbers are listed on a document included in your, You can skip numbers 17-20 since this is your first, 22. This is so sad. Now in Rome, and never have I seen such … confusion … on paper! Hope is more than enough. Visit a post office and get the Permesso di Soggiorno kit. €30.46 for printing the electronic permesso di soggiorno. They also call it just “Kit”, as it is a set of forms and documents regarding the Permit to Stay application. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. and also the 3 pages of your, I left this part blank since I wasn’t sure how many documents the post office would accept and the official at the, 31. We are currently living in Lucca and had a question regarding the renewal process for the Permesso? soggiorno di kit kis tra bharni a ? OK, by now you’ve obtained your application kit (Permesso di Soggiorno – Part 1) and filled it out properly in black ink (Permesso di Soggiorno – Part 2) and have the Marca da Bollo for €14,62 affixed to the top of the application. Thank you soooo very much. You will need to pay between €40 and €100 (depending on the length of time/type of your visa) just for permesso kit processing. Isn’t it true ? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Hi! They should know the amount and provide it to you when you turn in the packet. Often, students who are in Italy for less than 6 months are never issued a permesso because the processing time exceeds their stipulated period of study. The larger ones tend to have more reviews on google (and they tend to be lower hahaha). Any help would be appreciated !!! Thank you. I have been amazed at how difficult it has been to find instructions in English. Thank you so much for doing this, you are a saint. Il permesso di soggiorno per attesa occupazione sarà richiesto in caso di forza maggiore per esempio nel caso il badato anziano muoia, oppure la ditta agricola fallisca.Abbiamo già trattato precedentemente questo punto nell’articolo “sanatoria se il datore muore o la ditta fallisce“ Il kit postale e i costi di produzione del permesso. PROBLEMI CON IL “KIT” PER IL PERMESSO DI SOGGIORNO? I still have vivid memories of filling out my permesso application for the first time. The name of the border you arrived at, You can write the name of your airport, for example, “Francoforto Sul Meno” if you arrived in Europe at the Frankfurt airport, There may be one box too few so you can write the last number outside of the boxes, 53. thanks Alexa As with all Italian bureaucratic experiences, expect to wait a long time. In addition to the forms you have to fill-out and the copy of all your documents, you need to get a MARCA DA BOLLO from a Tabaccheria. Sarà necessario versare una marca da bollo di 16,00 euro, effettuare il pagamento di trenta euro per l’invio del kit e (siccome si tratta di un semplice aggiornamento del permesso di soggiorno) di 27,50 euro per il titolo di soggiorno modificato. Alla scadenza del permesso di soggiorno del cittadino extracomunitario, nel caso non abbia trovato un altra occupazione, si può chiedere la conversione del permesso di lavoro in permesso per attesa occupazione grazie all’apposito Kit rilasciato dallo Sportello Amico in un qualsivoglia ufficio postale. A Must See in Rome. There are two main parts to the permesso di soggiorno: the main packet and the smaller pay slip. Don’t be fooled by the name! I had to go to 3 different post offices but eventually someone was able to help me. It is included in your permesso kit. No matter what visa (student, working, or otherwise) you have, you MUST apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno. You’re very welcome! €30 for the Assicurata Postale (a payment to the immigration office), 4.) When I first arrived, I had no facility for photocopying so have no copy of my original application. I just went to Palermo Sicily Questura for my PDS appointment. kit postale – Per poter richiedere il rilascio oppure il rinnovo del permesso di soggiorno, a partire dall’11 dicembre 2006, in Italia viene usato un nuovo metodo.Le domande devono essere presentate agli Uffici delle Poste Italiane che si occupano del servizio di Sportello Amico.. You must go to the questura on your appointed day and time with all the ORIGINALS of the paperwork you submitted in your permesso kit, the receipts from the permesso kit submission (bolletino and assiucurata), and two passport sized photos of yourself. Documenti del richiedente per il permesso di soggiorno per coesione familiare. The name of a place where you can be found if you are not at the address listed above, For example, if you are taking language course or studying at the university, list the name of your school, 78. The kit is actually a packet with two forms inside (each are 5-10 page packet forms) that require the visa holder to indicate all their personal information and reasons for staying in Italy. The numbers/letters associated with the stairs (if applicable), 83. Nel caso in cui il rinnovo del permesso di soggiorno, riguarda anche i minorenni con un’età inferiore a 14 anni, deve essere inserito all’interno del kit, un ulteriore bollettino postale pagato dell’importo di 30,46 euro (intestato con Cognome e nome del minore), per la stampa del tesserino elettronico al minore. Be aware that until your official permesso is issued your bolletino and Assicurata receipts act as proof of your legal immigration registration so you must travel with them at all times until you have your physical permesso card. This asks if you are a refugee, check “sì” or “no”, Usually, you should put the exact information on these documents that is listed in your passport. DO NOT LOOSE ANY OF THESE PIECES OF PAPER. You can leave this blank if you don’t have a, 32. This kit is provided free of cost by most post offices. What does ACLI stand for? You’re a life–and sanity–saver! That is very strange indeed. My husband and I are “renewing” our permisso….is there anything different we must do in filling out the paperwork? If it’s for work, you should bring your work contract and other related documents. €16 for the Marca da Bollo sticker (which you buy at a Tabbacheria and then the postal worker puts on the front of your permesso packet), 3.) I’ve renewed my permesso three times and it was the same process every time.

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